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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Nice Wednesday Run…

… despite the weather. The wind was down and it really didn’t matter if the path was wet, it was a good evening to run.


We all met at Sikome Lake and while it was nice to stand around and chat, I had to push everyone to get started and run. The warmup on our loop is always nice. it’s a 1k downhill and with the slight breeze today. When we got to our first 400 interval we were ready to go!

The first 3 intervals went by very fast, but I had to adjust the start of the return run a bit as the 3rd 400 ended up up Sikome lake hill a bit, and as this is speedwork, we try to avoid any hills. At the turnaround we had a very quick walk, along with a drink, then it was 2 repeats back to the boat launch parking lot, where there was another opportunity for water before we finished up with the final 4 repeat push. We completed the first 5k in 27 minutes, and the whole 7k run in 38. pretty good, and a major improvement from the first 4 repeat performance a number of weeks ago! Way to go team!

Here is the whole entire group on the path back to the cars after 9 hard intervals


Here is everyone doing post run stretching at the bike racks


Here we all are admiring the strength of the wind over the past few days.


More snowy group photos. In the second one, you can see little Johnny had a bit of a spill and was wet… haha, too funny…boy o boy. See him? right in the middle, up front! right there. he really tore up his pants! hooooooo… funny. Betty and Martha had a really good laugh over that one!

CIMG0106 CIMG0107


  1. suck it up princess!

  2. So this whole time, all of your "friends" have been imaginary.

    Just like this so-called "country" of yours - "Canada".