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Sunday, February 13, 2011

My new thing…

I am now an Entrepreneur. Again. I will be looking for a real job tho, so if anyone has anything for me, that’d be great. Our other company is closing. After 5 years we realized it is just too effing hard to make a living in 4 months of available season. Nuff said about that.


I am very excited to tell you that I am now the proud owner of a little online startup called Barefoot Productions Social Media. It is something I have been toying around with for a while now and when I remembered one of my favourite quotes, it inspired me to take the leap.

Q: When is the best time to plant an Oak Tree?

A: 20 years ago.

Q: When is the second best time to plant an Oak Tree?

A: Right NOW!

So there you have it. I now am the owner of my own little webling. Are you excited for me?

So, go on over, check it out. It is a fledgling website right now, but as I learn (always learning) grow and prosper, so will Barefoot SoMe! I have secured my first contract, it’s a 6 month trial with options to extend/grow, so I am very excited for that and I have plenty of Iron in the Fire, as they say.

Here’s the deal: as stolen from my own website.. LOL

Do you want:

  • To have a reliable website, that is easily updated?
  • To be able to advertise your events and specials in a timely and accurate manner? (Details for events, product launches, clearances, Online only deals etc..)
  • To grow a loyal and lucrative online following, with visible and measurable stats tracking?
  • To engage your following with timely and entertaining information?
  • To have dedicated and relevant email, twitter and facebook addresses?
  • To not have to worry about any of the above, knowing that your message and credibility is paramount for your online presence? Facebook, Twitter, News feeds, blogs, shopping carts, domain registrations, Security Certificates etc.

Follow my new company at Facebook and Twitter, I promise no to spam you. That is not what this company is about. I will be using these tools to celebrate the victories and awesomeness of my clients as well as my trials and successes as I grow up!

Thanks for coming along!


  1. i totally understand how hard it is to have a seasonal business. my husband has working in the swimming pool industry all of his life. and the winter months are hard. but yay!! for your new opportunity, going over to check it out now! ive been waiting and wondering what your "big step" was!!!

  2. All the best with Bare Productions.

    Nice name