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Saturday, February 12, 2011

CSN Winner! sorry it’s so late…


  1. that has to be the most original drawing ever!
    congrats to THAT guy!!! maybe now you will go from his 11th best Canadian BFF to 1st!!!

  2. I try to mix it up. Funny thing. Chris had ONE entry. I think there were 175 total with a couple people having up to 14 entries... All it takes is one.

  3. maybe you could suggest this link for him

  4. Is that any question who THAT guy is? I am THE guy. Can you please send me the nickel too? Thanks Neil.

  5. Ummm...oops, read this post too late... Andrew woke up this morning and found the nickel still lying on the floor and plopped it into his piggy bank...better luck next time on the nickel, but hey you still have $65 for CSN. :) Traci