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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Deleted post

Again, I have removed a post. It did't feel right to me, as some missed my reasoning altogether.

I will return later with sunshine and lollipops.



  1. Writing in public can be tough to get the balance right. I've had to delete stuff too. Looking forward to the lollipops :-)

  2. It's your blog and you'll delete if you want, delete if you want to. I've never deleted one once published. I write my blog for my own reasons. I figure people read for their own reasons. If they like, they'll come back. If what I say gets them excited they'll leave a comment, for or against. It's all good. Working on an over-paid CEO rant now, fueled by coffee and Holden.

  3. I've deleted a post or two. I've come to accept the fact that I can't drink and blog.

  4. "You grow, you grow up"

    It wasn't the usual banter from you, and I'm sorry to have precipitated a deleted post. Anonymous was a little belligerent.

    I've outstayed my welcome - I'll get my coat. I certainly did not mean to insult runners who run for fun or fitness. Having said that, fun runners often don't use a Garmin, or use a training schedule, or run marathons, so I hope you'll understand how I came to that misunderstanding.

    I stick with my original post however. Though I have no doubt you will complete the distance, from a neutral point of view I would like you to be injury-free, illness-free, have more miles under your belt, and have run for longer than a couple of years and more than a couple of half marathons. I do foresee a too-much, too soon scenario and I will get no joy in the event I might be proven right.

    Someone in the previous posts made a point of saying you weren't a rookie. I'm not sure of this new definition of rookie, but, again, I thought the whole point was that this will be your first marathon.

    Best of luck. No insults intended.

  5. DE, I never had any I'll will toward you. Your opinion was well stated.

    When I start getting blasted for no reason, I take offense and try to change the tune, because my blog is about the good things surrounding running and my tribulations to get fit and figure it out. I love distance running. I am goin into this marathon with expectations and goals, but they are mine at this time, while I figure out the training AND the toll it is going to take on my body.

    Feel free to comment and read all you want. Your opinions have made me think about stuff an that is never a bad thing.

  6. I'm going for a run :0)

    Why do I run? Because I always have.

    Why do I coach? Well, that's more complex. I have trained with everyone from cancer survivors to new moms, from heart attack victims to new runners who were simply told they couldn't at school. And trust me, the struggle, then the sense of achievement and pride, humbles me every time.

    Why did I post? That too is not as simple as it seemed to some other posters. The idea is not to put people down or tell them they are doing things the wrong way. My one point - as I read people urge you to jump from the high board (you'll be just fine they said, come on in, the water is warm!) - was to see if you might try a few more dives from the side of the pool first.

    Again, best of luck in Vancouver. If I'm recovered from my own marathon in time, I'll be pace bunnying. So here's the deal - don't make fun of my bunny ears, and I won't step on your toes :0)


  7. I'll definitely be back for lollipops! Don't forget the shipping rate goes up for pkgs across the border. And cherry is my favorite!

  8. Pax, when you train runners in a marathon clinic, do you advise people to NoT continue on toward the marathon sometimes, even if they really have their heart set on completing?

  9. I don't train runners in marathon clinics, but yes I am realistic with anyone I coach or otherwise.

    Sure, if a person runs 2:10 for the marathon and they want to skip the intermediate stages so they can get straight to the $1M prize purses, they should go for it. But otherwise what's the rush?

    I'd ask why a person's heart is set on such an arbitrary distance, especially if there's still progress to be made a the shorter distances. Usually, not always, the client will agree to race just a few more 10ks and halves.

  10. But this post had the answer to everything!

  11. Since I was the one who said you aren't a rookie, I'd like to say that this person talks like you are a rookie runner, which you are not. It had nothing to do with marathons. I say if you want to run a marathon, then go for it. Maybe I just don't see the point of doing the same distance over and over and over again. Some people like to race, I like to increase my distance. Who is to say who is right. For me, who is running my first marathon later this year, I'd just like to say that I'm getting really tired of people saying I can't and shouldn't. So I am sure you are too. To each their own I say. We run for ourselves. Oh, and I'm a fun runner who runs with a Garmin, a training schedule and plan to do a marathon very soon. I guess this guy thinks a Garmin only measures speed? Must be skinny and doesn't care about calories.

  12. I can't believe I missed the post! Ahhh well. Probably for the best :) I better be on time for the lollipop one!