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Monday, February 14, 2011

Frozen Ass 50 (52)

Next Monday is the Frozen Ass 50k Ultra. I am doing the half ultra. Apparently the route is 52k so the half is 26k. This will be my longest run ever! Exciting right? Well I hope so. I actually am worried I am going to come in last. I need to run my Long Slow pace, instead of pushing. My only saving grace is that I should finish ahead of some of the 52k racers. I saw part of the course today. It looks really shitty. lumpy ice. gaaaaa… I will certainly be wearing the aquas as they have the most grip… should be fun. I LOVE racing!

After the race, we are going to the Hitmen Hockey game at the football stadium. They are having a ‘Winter Classic’ NHL game between the Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadians on Sunday, then the Junior guys get a crack at the outdoor game the next day. Should be a lot of fun!

Here we are the last time at the Stadium? Remember this post?

I had a lovely run tonight with Susan and Jim. 5.5k in 6 laps around the Good Earth Cafe shopping complex. we did laps as the sidewalks are SOOO icy. Jim described their long run from yesterday like this. “We ran 10 and 1’s. 10 minutes of slipping and 1 minute of sliding.”

Speaking of Good Earth Cafe. The Cranston Store has their own Facebook page now. Why not go there and say Hi. tell’em Barefoot Neil sent ya!

Take care!


  1. Congrats on getting into "longest run ever" territory! Soon you'll be saying you *only* had to run 26km this weekend... Happy Training!

  2. Anyone who can sit at that outdoor stadium to watch hockey in those conditions can easily do 26K. You so got this. And, you will not finish last, I'd bet the farm on that.

  3. you are so hard core!!! youre gonna rock it!

  4. Pffft! Half-asser....

    lol, have a great run!

  5. There is NO WAY I'd sit outside like that brrrr!!!!!!!

  6. I once got a stone for as a prize after finishing last in a trail race (24km). "Stone Last" was painted on the piece of rock. Enjoy, I admire you for doing this in such conditions.

  7. Just pretend you're one of the first 52K folks, might even get on the AG podium!

  8. I'm regularly worried about being last. I guess somebody has to be, right? :) Good luck!

  9. No way are you going to be last, last is for uncool kids!

    I don't think you could pay me enough to sit in those conditions. Well, maybe a win in the Boston Marathon but anything else, nope.

  10. Do not worry. Here I will make you feel better. I am signed up for the 52k but my longest run has been 20k in training if you can call it training. I am just going to finish.
    Easy lite, smooth.

    See you on Monday.
    Weather should be good. ;)