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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Balls in the air…

Lots of them. One I have dropped in the last couple days is training.

Ok, how many balls can I keep in the air? (in no particular order, except #1&2)

  • Religion
  • Family
  • Work
  • Business
  • Training
  • Finances
  • Goals
  • Expectations
  • Household
  • Friends
  • Social Media

There are a couple on that list that are paramount I don’t drop. Sometimes a few bounce, but get picked right back up again, sometimes a ball will lay on the floor for a while, as it puts the others in jeopardy to try and retrieve it.

What are the parts of your life that you are juggling?
Which ones are MUSTS to keep in the air for you?
Are there any that you can leave lay? For a while? Temporarily?

This is an actual photo of the result of a shot of mine.



  1. I'd hate to see a list of the many things I have to juggle. I think it'd make me feel stressed ... or even more stressed. At least I've been able to take a couple off the list this year and I'm not missing those early drives to school or the uniform ironing or the lunch-making one little bit.

  2. Man...have to actually think about that for awhile....Family #1 always...usually put my stuff on the back burner except for running..but I do that whenever I can...good post.

  3. Love the photo with your vibrams!

    I juggle quite a bit and of course family is #1. Blogging sometimes gets dropped for a while, housework too :)

  4. can drop social media and let it lay there for a'll be okay...Just keep family, work & training in air at all times...everything else will work itself out.

  5. Since we are friends I won't sugar coat this and say what I really believe because you know I care. You need one more ball in the air:

    *God, spirituality, whatever it is that is that higher power that you call it/him.

    Once you have that primary in your life everything else will work itself out and come into focus and though you will still be busy and have all those other things you will have peace, purpose and that is priceless.

    Good luck my friend.

  6. Like Char, the thought of my list stresses me out. All of the above on yours, I guess. The quickest thing to drop is housework. Right after that is sleep...and I need my sleep!

    For me, the hardest thing is training around my family's schedule. My son plays club volleyball in St. Louis (45 minutes away), so three nights a week (or two nights and all of an entire Sunday OR two nights and all of a weekend on away-tournament weekends) I'm gone from 7-11 p.m. Since I don't get home from work until 5 and have to cook supper, that leaves either 5 a.m. or 11 p.m. as my available workout times.

    On the other hand, especially when I get my sleep under control, working out gives me more energy and does wonders for my mood, which then benefits all the rest.

  7. You got into my head, dude. I am having a tough time juggling thiings right now, mostly because I'm just so tired of some of the stuff. I just don't want to do certain things right now...some big, some stupidly little. I'm burned out. I refuse to let my fitness get pushed aside, but it's tough. I also refuse to let my family suffer, but that's even tougher. I'm supposed to be's my job, right? Ugh, yes, I'm rambling. :)

  8. No, Blogging should be #1A, after taking care of Andrew. Guess what, I'm playing golf for the 1st time in a year this Sunday! Can't wait.

    Seriously Neil, hope things slow down for you.

  9. I love your blog! The disclaimer is hilarious. :)

  10. Life is like a pickle jar filled with big rocks, gravel, sand and water.

    They will all fit if you put them into the jar in the right order.

    Start with the big things.
    Then gradually add the smaller less import pleasures.
    When there seem like there is on more room you will still be able to add a large volume of water.

    Start with the water and you will end up with a mess.

  11. Hi there - first time visitor and you had me at the golf ball. Oh I miss you so! For now, I'm heading out into Toronto's latest snow storm for my run. :(