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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vacation blog interuptus… Register for the Calgary Rock the House Run!!

I help out at the Harvest Half Marathon, managing their wildly popular Facebook page, and they are darn near sold out with just under 2 months to go (only 150 spots left as of Aug 9). They increased their capacity this year and it looks to be sold out quicker than last year. The race is on Sept 29th.

I am on the committee for another race called the Rock the House Run. It is the Sunday (Sept 23) before the Harvest Half, is a 5k or 10k and is a very good taper run for the Harvest and looks to be quite fun. The race starts at Market Mall and runs around Varsity. The 1ok runs 2 loops of the 5k, so you get the benefit of enjoying the piles of musicians and bands playing on the course. It is called Rock the House because they line the route with great local bands! Oh yeah, it is rock the HOUSE because it directly benefits, and is fully administered by the staff and volunteers of the Southern Alberta Ronald McDonald House. You know what they do, right? Provide a place to stay for families of sick kids that need treatment in Calgary? They are all saints.

The Rock the House run is truly a family race. There is a very well done kids run that incorporates a type of station race where the kids pick up cool items along the 1k course. This was Andrew’s first race ever at the age of 2. His grandpa pushed him in his stroller as he was in a hip to ankle cast from a broken leg… This year the race times for the kids and main runs are set apart so parents can cheer on their kids! He ran it himself the next year, and that was my first barefoot race ever.

The 5 and 10k can be walked as well, and you can push a stroller too if you want! A real Family oriented race that helps real families!


You know what else? They have a barefoot/minimalist race division too! If you run in Vibrams, New Balance, Vivo’s, Altras, barefoot etc etc, you should sign up. I am pretty sure this is a first for Calgary to have a minimalist category!

I know Mellissa’s is on the Saturday out in Banff, but if you are back in town, you could consider this your local ‘goofy’ race. 10 or 22k on Saturday, and then 5 or 10k on Sunday! The race is really a lot of fun, so you probably should sign up right now. do it. I’ll be there!

So. What are you waiting for?


  1. It sounds really awesome, I wished my family would have been there to enjoy the children race.

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