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Monday, August 13, 2012

Calgary Storm, Aug 12-12–There be lightning here!

I enjoyed a very productive evening, shooting the incredible lightning storm over Calgary last night. I started shooting from my house, mostly backlit clouds as the lightning was a little farther into the storm from our place. Weather Modifications Inc were flying 3 aircraft in the storm, shooting silver iodide into the clouds in an attempt to keep the hail small and non damaging. They didn’t succeed this time as there is widespread hail damage over much of North Calgary. The first pic is one of the planes turning on their grid flying pattern in front of the storm.

Click to enlarge.


Got a few good ones from the house, but as soon at the storm moved east, the sky started lighting up over the houses and I knew it was time to head down where I could get a full view of the sky.

So down the street I went and spent the next couple hours shooting this incredible light show!


Then I went home. Too bad I didn’t do this for a living. I can’t imaging how amazing these shots would be with a really high end lens… And if I had all night to chase this storm. Fun stuff!


  1. Awesome photos!

    My sister sent me a photo of the golf ball sized hail that they got (she's in Calgary also). Hope your vehicle is alright!!!

    Gotta run.

    1. Thanks!

      We barely got a drop of rain at our house...