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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I got a coach!

So that means I have been running again! Woo! for the past few months, I went out on occasion, if I had the time. Well, now that I pay for the coaching, I find the time.

But. WoooWeee was it tough slugging getting back into it.I think my biggest obstacle is my mind knows exactly what it’s in for as I build up my base again. And it doesn’t like it. But my biggest strength is, funnily enough, my mind. It knows that it can talk the servant limbs and lungs into anything. It’ll just be like “Shut  UP Legs!” and they will carry on.

However. due to a crazy weekend, I didn’t do my 10k long run. I was going to go out on Monday morning, but didn’t get up in time. I was feeling like only after 2 weeks of coaching I was already falling off. I decided I was going to do my run on Monday evening instead.

It is freaking hot here. Hotter than ever. I ran an 8k last week in the heat and really really didn’t like it. Our blood here in Canada is very thick and not used to this kind of heat. I decided to head back to TKO circuit instead to try and beat the heat.

Um. why the F is it outside? Pete is moving to a new space and is holding the classes in a park for now. Hot. very Hot!

Here is the one line email I got from Coach:

“Ha!!!! Now that is what I call some school yard justice. Hilarious.”

thanks coach.

So, because I didn’t run, he shifts my hard, technical run to Tuesday. I am so crazy sore from the circuit workout, every part of my body is screaming at me to not run the 6k Tempo. Well, I figure if I miss this one, I am heading down a path of excusery that is very hard for me to return. So my brain tells my legs to SHUT UP! we are going running.

the 2k warm up felt soooooooo long. I was asked to run a quick (for me) pace for 6k. Coach is testing and trying things to help establish a more structured plan so we can train this fat ass for the Calgary Marathon in May of next year. I have been purposely running routes with moderate hills in them, on all types of runs, just so I become a stronger runner overall. That and the fact that there is no real flat areas in my neighbourhood. Hopefully I just get used to rolly routes.

So in two weeks I have already gone from sucking suck to sucking less.  my first ‘easy’ 5k 2 weeks ago was a bitch. So was tonight's 8k (6k at tempo). So better. right?

peace yo.


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