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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I’m so close… (A contest with a $150 value prize!)

… to moving on to the voting round of the Jasper Dark Sky Correspondent contest. I need your help. Bad! I am giving away a $150.00 canvas printed photo from my large collection of photos. More on that below…

I have slipped from 3rd to 5th though. and 6th is moving up quickly. Only the top 5 get to move on to the finals, where we will be judged by the contest officials.

I am doing pretty well considering I am a 38 year old family guy, entering only with a photo, where my competition are young and posted with videos.

We could win an all expense paid trip to Jasper National Park to be the social media voice of the Dark Sky Festival. You all know me pretty well by now. This prize is so unbelievable up my alley that I am considering going even if I don’t win. I would compete directly with the winner, to show them the error of the decision. hehe. That'll teach’em. Well, I think I will win, so I won’t have to be that guy… would be pretty funny though.

I tried to set up a Facebook event, to get people to engage, but that is just another step that seems a little onerous. The issue is, the contest is a Facebook App. If you choose to vote, you have to ‘allow access’ to the app.

Also, I think my (younger, possibly more hip) competition have a huge Facebook friend list. This makes a difference when involved in a social media competition like this.

So, I am going to fight fire with art. I want you to re-blog this contest for me. On twitter, on Facebook, on Pinterest (can you post stuff like this on Pinterest?), on your blogs and where-ever else you hang out on the internets. Why would you do this you ask? Well, I am going to give away a 16” x 20” canvas mounted art print of any image you’d like from my Flickr, Blog, or Facebook photography page. You can also include your favourite quote if you’d like me to put it on there for you. The value of this prize is approx $150.00.

Ok, so. Go to this contest page, allow the access stuff they require (it’s normal stuff and you can revoke this after the contest is over on Aug 31) , find my entry called “Family Man, Social Media Man” and vote each day.

This is what my entry looks like, so you can find it.


You will get an entry for each day you vote, and you will get two entries for each posting of this on your social internets. You do have to come back to this page and remind me that you did these things. Just put a note in the comments. If you have already voted, make sure you comment with the amount of votes already. I will make the draw in the first week of Sept.

You can click the share links below to post to your twitter or facebook (each link is a vote, each time you link it, which is every day hopefully)

for helping, you can take this photo and use it for your own personal use, like a screensaver etc. Click it, then right click to save.


Thank you!! THis is a pretty big deal to me, I appreciate your playing along!


  1. Voted at least 5 time so far, and again today... shared on my FB yesterday. Good luck!!

  2. Today I shared it on my FB Blog page...:-)

  3. Saw Jeff Gallup's share on his page so I decided to pitch in...voted and shared on my FB page. Best of Luck! I've been to Banff and Louise so Jasper is next...soonish.

    1. Thanks Stan!! Much appreciated! Come back each day till next Friday, ok?

  4. Darn those social media savvy kids & their 1000+ facebook friends. I've been voting every day for a week & will keep voting for you. Go Neil!

  5. I voted and shared on FB. Will put on Twitsville in a mo....

  6. I voted again tonight... will Tweet and FB share.

  7. oh man I don't know how many times I voted! fudge maybe facebook will tell me?

  8. FB is telling me I've voted 5 times so far!

  9. Voted again and shared... home stretch!!

  10. I've voted 7 times and shared it 7 times. Greetings from Poland!

  11. Put me down for a conservative estimate of 10.

    Darren h

  12. Cannot remember how many times I voted and I shared on my FB timeline as well. But ... it only takes one entry to 'win' here! LOL So happy to support your drive to win this fitting prize for you and your family. I sure hope the judges realize your maturity and talent will outshine anything done by some of the young pip squeaks who've entered the contest just to get a free trip out of the deal. You would do a bang up job selling the mountains to tourists!

  13. voted again yesterday... good luck!