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Saturday, August 25, 2012

I know this is a little painful, but it means a lot to me…

Please pop down to the linked blog post, have a quick read and then vote for me if you want to… this whole ordeal ends on Firday… so no more shameless begging.


Click here!


If you do vote, make sure to leave a comment in that blog post so you are in the draw for the art print! (your choice)



  1. Thanks for the reminder... I did forget today! hope you win.

  2. Voted again today... see you are holding your own nicely in 4th spot.

  3. voted again today.. and will vote every time you remind me! lol

  4. Hi :) Voted 5 times already but the competition is hard...

    1. I only need to be in the top 5! So you have helped greatly as I am in the top 5!