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Saturday, August 11, 2012

I’d like to win this trip to Jasper… *Jasper Star Correspondent*

… to do the things I do when I travel anyway (you know, all the socially internets things I do). You can enter too. If you ended up winning, I’d be happy for you, but be really disappointed inside. But i would get over it. in time. with help. i’m sure.

ahem… what? no, there is just some dust in my eye.

Ok, so, here is what I’d like you to do for me.

  1. go to my entry for the contest.
  2. let Jasper Canadian Rockies (do go have a look at their FB page, it’s got some pretty spectacular photos on it) site have your wallet (or just let them do the thing they do when they want you to vote in a contest. It’s just facebook permissions. DOn’t kid yourself, they know you are there already whether you allow access or not. But you do need to allow access to vote. THANK YOU!, at the end of the contest you can revoke the access if you must.)
  3. Click vote
  4. Come back each day and repeat #3. (I will remind you)

What happens at the end of August is they take the top 5 vote getters and choose a winner from them. So if you see anyone else with lots more votes don’t despair, as long as I am in the top 5 I’ll be eligible for the prize!

The winner gets a 5 day all expenses paid trip to be the Jasper Dark Sky Correspondent for 5 days beginning on my Birthday in October!

I am so this guy!

Here is what my entry looks like, just so you make sure are on the right page.


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