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Saturday, January 15, 2011

ok… I’m back


Ok. I’m back. Awesome Contest Blog tonight. Check back! Full on Bloggerini tomorrow! Lots to tell.

In the mean time, it’s been cold. Here is a couple pictures and a video of the Calgary Roadrunners Cross Country race I attended last Saturday, which gives you an idea how cold it is/was/is. Those of you who follow me on Facebook have seen these. So good for you. The rest of you can follow here! You don’t have to love me, you just have to ‘LIKE’ me!

 DSCF3026 DSCF3032


Thanks Dawn Henry for this photo… that’s cool isn’t it?

Start of xc race


  1. These are great pictures! Looks crazy may have to change your blog name to because all the frozen kids are doing it.

  2. That's CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yay!!!!! I was hoping this was what you were counting down to.

  4. That looks awesome. I really love the last picture.

  5. Glad your back. Still looks freezing.

  6. Yay you're back! Do you live in Antarctica?

  7. OMG that is INSANE!!! cool pics!!! glad youre back.

  8. So, so cold. Making my fingers hurt, just thinking about it.

  9. This is way beyond wild. I am surprised cameras still work in such conditions.
    Welcome back!

  10. Don't know if I could stomach it that cold. Although that neck warmer thing-y with the thinner breathing section looks pretty useful. Maybe if I had one of those.

    And everything's always a little more fun when you have a group like that.

    Still, I think it goes beyond my willingness to be cold.