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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Barefoot Running on the CBC National News!

Yeah! I got this email this morning:

Hi Neil,

I'm a reporter with CBC Television in Calgary. I'm working on a story today

about the effectiveness of running shoes and orthotics. I'm trying to find

someone in Calgary who has tried barefoot running. I'd like to chat with

you about a possible interview.  Are you available today? 


(Mercan’s, the CBC is akin to your CBS/NBC/ABC)

Well internet, what do you think I would do? especially after #6 answer in this post.

So a couple emails later and we have an appointment to meet at 3pm on a downtown pathway for some running shots and an interview. I got there at ten to 3 and as I pulled up, a CBC van pulls up. I hop out of my truck and walk over to the van and stand at the window (I am dressed to run, so I figure the person would recognize me as the runner in the story they are writing. So I just stand there at the closed window of the TV van and nothing is happening. Finally the window rolls down and this conversation took place.

Lady in van: Hello?

Me: Hi, I’m Neil.

Lady in Van: …

Me: Are you here to do an interview?

Lady: No, I am eating my lunch.

Just then, another CBC van pulls up, with the reporter and the cameraman!  Gaaa.. the lady says: I was wondering what you wanted…haha!


Ok, So I walk up to the guys as they are unloading the van and we exchange introductions, than I say to the reporter – Hey, you are a runner, right? – Yeah, he says, ‘but how do you know that?’. I googled you, I replied.

You researched the reporter? he asks.

Yep. I wanted to know what I was in for. It was a relief to see that he was an endurance runner and triathlete, so I know I am not being played the joker or something like that.


The Interview and the shooting was a lot of fun. I could be clearer in my thought process, and it is something that I am working on, but I knew that if there was at least a couple nuggets of clarity in there, that that is all he would need for the report. I was right. The coolest part was running with the cameraman running behind me shooting my feet! Too cool! That made the report. Great job cameraman! (I did slow down for this part, LOL)

Anyhow. here is the video. They don’t have a share button, so if you want to show this you can go to my FB page and share the link from there or use this link.

Let me know what you think! Famous Uh-mercan barefooters, how about a stride critique? Oh, and it was all I could do to not keep running, it was a record high temperature for this day in the history of record keeping at 57f…

In other news:

Ok, here is the video for the Ryders Eyewear / RoadID/ GU Energy contest:

Congrats Winner!


  1. That's some mighty fine spatula work!

  2. Good for you Neil...Diana Swain's from where I grew up...and it's cold there too.

  3. Very nice! Is that a Road ID around your ankle?

    I especially like the end where she calls those Nike Air Force One basketball shoes the "world's most expensive running shoes."

  4. I can't tell you how cool this is.. I mean your one of the cool kids!! YAY for you Neil!! I hope you celebrated!

  5. First the youtube fame and now this. Don't be going and getting a big head now. And ya, the last shoes running shoes? Uh, no. But I like how they look.

  6. least I can say I knew you when...

  7. Wow, you are famous and I kind of know you. So what's next a movie? Will you play yourself in it?
    This is very, very cool.

  8. John Malkovich will play me in the movie...

  9. Very cool! You're famous even in uh merca!!

  10. You are a star! Enjoy your 15 minutes!!

  11. Cool! Can't wait to get home so I can see the video.

  12. what? I didn't win.

    should've seen that coming since I didnt enter.


    have you heard of a random number generator? just in case you ever find you dont have time for the highly scientific means you've perfected.

  13. back, now that I've seen the news report

    1. nice feet
    2. I don't think they said much.(the whole report, not your feet:) just think they missed a great opportunity.)
    3. Are Air Force Ones really running shoes?
    4. You are my hero :)I'm tired from a week with the flu, but am determined to get a run in tomorrow. That run will be barefoot. I figure, the illness and new barefootery are both reasons to keep it short.

  14. Nice job!

    The stride looks good to me, but of course your feet know better than I do.

    This isn't a critique, but more of a "try this on for size." See what happens if you keep your elbows in a little more. Notice if it feels different on the feet. Maybe you'll like it.

  15. Very cool! I am a new follower (fellow Canadian) coming over from Chris K's blog

  16. That's awesome!

    I got a little tired watching you pick the winner - that was a lot of work!

  17. I didn't quite understand what you were saying. You kept saying they're "owwwt". What is "owwwt"? Oh, you mean out.

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  20. I know that I posted on twitter too - but this is seriously awesome man!!!! Congrats. I think it is really cool that you're spreading your message.