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Sunday, January 23, 2011


The boy has it. This is him at the Children's Hospital on Friday night. He is such a trooper!


He got a gulp of the ‘Dex’ and now he is only suffering from symptoms similar to a bad cold, but not barking like a Seal and/or wheezing to the point of panic. That was pretty scary for us, but apparently it’s pretty normal, but a trip to emerg is mandatory when the breathing gets that bad.

So now, Mommy and I have a bad cold. We were told it was entirely likely as the croup in kids, infects adults with grown up versions of bad colds, including really sore throats.

Which brings me to today. Well yesterday actually. Since we were at the hospital until 3am Saturday morning, I ended up not running my easy run, instead I ate a brownie with Ice Cream. I promised myself that I would get up nice and early on Sunday and run my 16k LSD. I ended up putting the boy to bed and slept until 1am when I got up and couldn’t get back to sleep until 4am.

Why 4am? well, I was up with my mind churning and debating a big decision for our family. We have decided to sell our house in the City and move back out to one of the bedroom communities that surround Calgary. It comes down to a choice between struggling to keep the big house in the city, on one income, or living life to the fullest in a small town, on one income. We are so proud of the little awesome person Andrew is becoming, and we know that it is mostly due to the fact that we chose to have Traci stay home with him. Not knocking anyone else who works and make the choice to utilize day homes etc, and we know lots of great families that have fantastic kids who go to daycare, we just aren’t able to give up the boy. And we are at peace with that decision. It will be hard to leave this house. We built it. It was a dream home, and there is SOOOO much love, sweat and tears here, that I am sure i’ll be a blubbering idiot on more than one occasion as we pack up. I know that we are a family and the saying “Home is where the heart is” is one I believe vehemently, it still will be difficult. That said, small town living is in our blood, and there is absolutely nothing keeping us here in the hustle and bustle anymore. Our company is quite portable, and we wouldn’t be more than 30 minutes outside the city. It’ll make the big shopping trips into the city, that much more fun!

Enough of that for now, I didn’t intend on blurting that out, but it felt a bit cathartic to me, so that’s good I think. If anyone local reads this. Our house is for sale. It is one of the finest examples of move up homes in Calgary. We will entertain trades + cash for anyone wanting to move INTO the city, and we would like to sell privately.

Ok, I woke up this morning with a bit of the croup. A really painful throat and a thick head. Just felt foggy. I actually didn’t get out of bed until 9am, the time I planned on running, but after an internal debate (and some facebook musings) I decided to go for my run.

FAbuloso run! It is above freezing, sun shining and relatively clear paths, and I had a great run. Not the most scenic run, but it never really matters to me anymore. If a run is good, it’s good, and it’s all up to me to decide that. So, not epic, just solid. Solid in a way that makes me super confident for the future! I actually ran 5 times this past week, making it a world record for me. The better news is I feel super! no niggles or nagging aches.

So, 4.5 loops in my hood and I had a 16k long run under my belt!

I ran through the bobsled track 5 times! I kinda liked it. It seemed safe or something.

The Big contest is running until Tuesday, and I have another one starting up shortly so stay tuned!

My Lovely wife has been working hard to stock up her Etsy Jewellery shop. Take a look! And make sure to go check out her facebook page and ‘Like’ it. there will be a draw when she gets to 50 likes! Hurry over!

Seeya tomorrow probably!


  1. Glad your little one is feeling better. My little boy just had croup too... scary stuff, luckily we avoided the hospital though. Great job on your long run!

  2. Sick kiddos are never fun. Glad he is doing better. We've spent way too much time in Children's Hospitals.

    Congrats on your run!!! I "liked" your wife's Etsy shop. Cute stuff.

  3. Good to hear Andrew is doing better (and you too). I can't believe you did that loop 5 times... I guess you make do with what you have, but the monotony of that would have killed me. Great job!

  4. I'm glad your boy is doing okay.

    I'm sorry you are going to have to say goodbye to the house but it sounds like you guys have given this move a lot of thought.

  5. You and your beautiful family are going on a new adventure with each other. I send you prayers and wish you the very best as you make your move!

  6. Congrats on making the decision to move...The only constant in life is change!

  7. Glad your little boy is doing better. It's always scary when they get that sick.

    Good luck with your move! I'm sure it'll be difficult to leave your dream home, but it sounds like you guys have really thought it out. Our current home isn't our dream home by any means, and there are days when I look back with a lot of fondness on our previous house payment, but I'm so glad to be out of that neighborhood and situation that it's worth the higher cost to us. Sounds like it's a much different story for you.

  8. Glad he feels better--poor guy!
    Tough decisions, for sure. But I'm sure it was the right one for your family. Don't look back.

  9. Croup is scary and no fun. My 10 year old had it on Thursday but not bad enough to go to the hospital. Hopefully he is all better now.

    Tough choice on the house but sounds like you have your head on straight. I always say "I want to live in my house not for my house". We "built" our house in Colorado from the ground up and it was where we were going to live forever and had everything I wanted. As you know we now live in Arizona lol. Life is what happens when your making plans. Good luck with everything.

  10. hope everyone feels better soon!

  11. Oh, he is such a trooper. Hope he will get well soon. Kids usually do.

    We never built a house but remodeled one ourselves. It was not easy to leave it but moving is a big adventure and then settling in is fun too. We never looked back.
    Good luck.