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Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fusion of Flapper

Or something to that effect.

Thanks again to everyone who has commented in support of my little issue with the gym, all your comments are appreciated!

So, I still haven’t heard from GoodLife Fitness… But they did add me to their Google  reader, as I saw in my sitemeter… Yep.

Goodlife. Oh sweet goodlife. Did you know my Prom date left me as soon as we got the the prom? Then she wouldn’t return my calls for days, until I finally realized the she didn’t want me. Don’t put me through this heartache again Goodlife, I don’t think my fragile heart can take another rejection like that. Pick up the phone… call me.

Good news though, They plowed out the main path through my neighbourhood, so I now have a 3.74k loop around the ‘hood where I don’t have to hurdle big piles of snow or cross very busy roadways. That is a good thing for the ol’ training plan. Out the door and running! Sounds good to me.

Hey! Minimalist running shoe makers! Yeah you Merrell, and you New Balance! and you too Vivo and Inov8… I’m sitting here, with a relatively popular blog, training for a barefoot marathon in the dead of winter, without so much of a “hey, would you like to try these out, maybe giv’em a test in your incredibly harsh climate, under my large mammal frame, to see if our shoes are really durable or not?”. Seems to me we are in the forgotten world up here in Canadia… Call me. *hang loose sign, held up to my ear and mouth, pretending it’s a telephone*… call me. And you mercan bloggers… throw your Canucklehead brethren a bone… Yeah, you with all the test shoes… toss a guys name forward would ya? Size 11.5 or a 45-46…

Actually, it would be cool to have a big pile of test shoes, but I would probably end up with my favorite shoe and be all Blah blah blah, this is so awesome, this is the greatest shoe ever for a barefooter… blah blah, you should go out and buy this… blah blah… so much better than the vibram 5 fingers…. blah blah…

but you wouldn’t want that, would you… ‘evs… I am going to run in my $4.00 aqua shoes tomorrow for my 3mile tempo…

I do have  reason for this diatribe. I am a little tired of justifying my Vibrams. They have a place in my running repertoire, but I am finding more and more that they are a fair weather shoe. Even with the injinji socks, the cold seems to be too much for the individual toe pockets. I tend to spend a lot of time trying to keep keep my feet warm when on the run this winter. I am sure if I had a one toe shoe with a 2 layer sock, it would be no problem. Also, yesterday I was about a half click away from a rotten blister while running in the 5’s on the ‘mill over at Goodlife.

That’s right, I went to Goodlife last night. Did not even try to run barefoot, even though there was only 1 staff on, and she wouldn’t have cared 2 bits if I attempted barefootery… I wore the 5’s… nasty hotspot at the end of 8k… gaaa.

Shout out to the Primalfoot Alliance for taking up the cause! They re-posted my blog on their facebook in support of the ridiculousness of the whole Goodlife stuff. Thanks team! The barefoot community is a very close knit group indeed.

Contest update:

I have chosen winners in the Tech Shirt contest.

  1. Tricia @ Endurance is only Physical
  2. Thomas @ Georgia Snail
  3. Congrats to you 2, send me your addy’s and sizes to nzeller (at) shaw dot ca to claim your prize.

****The Road ID, Ryders Eyewear and GU Energy Contest is still running…****

Speaking of Georgia Snail, here is a cool story, and an even better way to make someone's year! Go to the Georgia radio station that is hosting this contest and register to vote for Thomas’s sister (link below), so she can get a dream wedding prior to her soon to be hubby being deployed again!

Here is the awesome story:

Hello my name is Marriah, and I have a son named Xavier (11) and a daughter named Skylar (7). I am also recent college graduate. I am submitting a story about My Love, for Mike. Six years ago my life hit rock bottom, my newborn son Sebastian died, and my (ex) husband left town. I felt I had no hope or meaning in life. I was stuck in a black hole with no way to get out. With no respect for men, I stayed home with just my children for 5 years.
One Friday evening a friend convinced me to go out and enjoy life again. We went to the Blackhorse…this is where my life began to turn around!! Two soldiers asked to play a friendly game of pool, my friend convinced me too. At the end of the night Mike and I exchanged numbers, and before I knew it Mike was calling me every day to see how my day was. After 4 months of dating, and him showing me what a great team we made, I introduced Mike to my children.
I was so unsure how this would go, as my son has Autism and takes time to warm up to people. However their encounter went smoothly like they have known each other for years. Skylar had a new best friend to play with her doll house and Tea set. Surprisingly, his knees didn’t pass his head as he sat with her at her table. Little by little I began to take life by its hand and embrace the “New Beginnings” in life. Because of Mike’s love and care for me, I am a happy vibrant Mother.
On February 14, 2010 Mike surprised the kids and I with a trip to Gatlinburg where he proposed to me. We are getting married during his 14 days home on leave from Iraq, June 10, 2011!! My dream is not only to surprise Mike with this elegant wedding, but this is a celebration of our Love and the joining of our Families. I am so thankful for the Soldier that rescued me and showed me the meaning of life. My children are thriving because they have Mike in their lives. He loves them and cares for them, and he enjoys spending time playing with them.
Thank you for taking the time to read My Love Story.

And here is where to register and vote! Do it everyday! GO VOTE!!!


  1. I don't know which Injinjis you wear, but the have outdoor ones that are wool-ish that maybe you could try?

    As per your tshirt offer on fb - if you don't sell out before hand, can you save me a small and I'll pay you when you get to Vancouver? That gives me time to save up for it!

  2. I saw a teaser for this post on FB and thought to myself, is he running barefoot in that snow??? That's crazy! I have the kinvara's and like them and I agree, why aren't you a tester for them? Why does runningblogger get all the shoes, just cause he's a scientist? Keep your feet warm!

  3. I can talk to the Newton people about getting you some highly engineered shoes that promote natural running.

  4. Great that the pathway is plowed! It's looks like you'd be running in a giant bobsled chute. Perhaps you can bounce off the sides if you are too tired?

  5. Z!!!!! You rock my face off!!!! Seriously, my face has melted! Thanks for the reblog & shoutout! I will email my addy for the shirt that I will proudly wear down in the Dirty South while running ultras....

  6. that is a crazy amount of snow!! glad they plowed a path through it!!

  7. Neil, Thanks so much for the shoutout!! And I enjoyed reading your blog!! Marriah

  8. They GOOGLED you? Oh my GOSH! That's just....freaky! Man. Find another gym. That kind of stalker stuff is scary.

    I'm sorry that's not enough snow you're standing in the middle of there...

    Go Primalfoot people. =)

    Hey Tricia won! Congrats. =)