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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Moving on.

Did not hear from Goodlife Fitness. You know what, I have no desire to battle them. Not them, it’s not worth it in the big picture. I had a good 9.24k run outside today. Maybe I’ll find one of the indoor tracks that will let me run barefoot every couple weeks, just to keep up my footness… AhhAA Josh, I made up a barefoot word!!!

so that’s it. On to positive energy things!

What is one thing in your life that you could replace with positive energy things?


  1. "Taking work home with me"-in a metaphorical sense! Harder on evenings where I don't run.

  2. Good on you!

    Plus dreadmill running is the worst...

  3. great job being positive

    (surprised i actually commented? just fyi:for some reason i have a hard time opening comment section on my phone, which is where I usually read. So cant always comment, but I'm always lurking)

  4. Way to take the high road. You have to pick your battles.

  5. Moving...I could replace with positive energy orbs/things.

    Hope you find your indoor track soon!

  6. yeah, probably better to just not worry with the hassle of fighting them.....positive vibes.

    my work is a HUGE source of negative energy, but alas, i can not NOT work, so i am constantly surrounded by negative energy. grrrrr!!!!

  7. One thing I'd replace?? My own negative thoughts. Good choice, they won't change their views and we have plenty of other place to be barefoot :)

  8. I've got a question!

    Did you pay an initiation fee and membership or was this a sort of pay as you go?

    cuz I can't find a pay per use place around here ... they're all initiation fee and then a regular debit every two weeks ... blah blah blah ... and you need to be assessed by someone before you can use the facilities

  9. good call! One advice I got from my mom was to always choose my battles. =)