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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Make sure to follow me..

… because I am that cool I’d like you too.

No really, follow me. For the sake of the children To keep up to date with all things Too Cheap to run Can’t afford the Actual Marathon.

Facebook and Twitter too. I gave myself a prize today for going over 1000 tweets… I can be very relatively sometimes witty engaging on there. Find me.

I think if you click this image it’ll take you to the ‘follow me’ screen then take all your money.

Also!! Oh yeah. If you CAN afford the actual marathon send me some of your money so I can run too you are more than welcome to run in this virtual marathon. You can even double dip and run the actual marathon as your virtual marathon. got it? Just wear your custom bib on your back. (You will gain new stalkers make new friends because of it, I promise)

Oh, and click here to hear a duck quack.

Oh, and here is how my DW dresses me to go to the mall with the boy. I think she is comfortable this way that I won’t get picked up by any of the cougars that prowl the food court.

mall fashion


  1. With that cute kid and your handsome looks, it's a lock that some Cougars are going to throw themselves at you. BTW, we ordered a big ol fan from CSN - I won a gift card from you. Thanks. It's huge.

  2. What division do the Cougars play? Not sure if it's hockey or what. Did Chris K allude to being a big fan of yours or am I being too literal?

  3. I feel sorry for Andrew...

  4. Obviously being out of the loop for a week has left me clueless to the inside jokes. I don't get it.