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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cool new Tool!!

Microsoft Image Composite Editor.

Takes these images…

IMG_1161  IMG_1162  IMG_1163

Runs them through this program interface…


And spits this out…


So cool. So free… Love free…

Now I have a great shot of the Guest Bath to help sell my house…


  1. This is fun! Thanks for posting about it. I can see having tons of fun with that program.

  2. I still need to learn how to use that. Now that I use Ubuntu I am not sure if I can....

  3. Cool tool! But as with my house, who thought putting a counter over the top of the toilet was a good idea? Can anyone other than a small child get there hand in there to work on it? Also, what is up with the mirror behind the toilet? Do other people really need to see that?!? Just some thoughts.

  4. how fun is that?! seriously! i need to take some pictures now...

  5. Very cool! Hope it sells quickly for you!

  6. That is very cool indeed. I am almost finished with a bathroom renovation and this will be a great way to share pics of it with others.

  7. We used similar programs when I sold real estate, including one that created a 360 degree panorama, lots of fun.

  8. Dang--Love it!

    When I saw the toilet,I thought that might be the "new" tool?

  9. That is seriously awesome. Thanks for sharing.