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Monday, March 7, 2011

Bladder Control is the #1 factor to a good race…

… is what he kept saying to people as we passed. What a cool pick-up line. (if you are into that sort of thing).

Actually, it’s a pretty good opener if you want to fit into your new running group (or any endurance related gathering).

So Cold

Some of the group from the Running Room.. Thanks for the company!

I went down to the Eau Claire Running Room to do my 29k Long Run (only because I haven’t seen Dave O for a while) and I ended up running between the 4:30 group and the 4:00 group, sort of catching up to the 4:00 group. I was running along, trying to get warm (-23c, –29c –20f w/wind) when I hear ‘Hi!’. and this dude is running next to me. We started chatting, and we didn’t stop for the next 2 hours. Now I have a date with him next week for another 29k. Even though he bailed on me at the 2 hour mark (for his chick tho, who incidentally runs 3:20 at Boston).

Here is Lachlan, My new run buddy

I asked him at one point – Why don’t you run with her? – Too fast. was his response. Fair enough.

All that is part of the reason I crashed so hard with 7k to go. All the chatting and new friend making had me running TOOOO fast for this, my longest run ever. I knew it too. But I just decided to deal with the consequences, as I was having a really good time.

I probably would have been better if my hydration pack hadn’t frozen up at the 22k mark. I had just taken a Island Nectar GUsicle, and as you know, they say to take with fluids. That wasn’t going to happen. Frozen solid. No amount of sucking, rubbing or twisting (never mind, just keep on reading) was going to get the pipe unfrozen. I ended up pretty depressed for a couple clicks, and instead of completing my planned out and back once I crossed the river, I headed back to Eau Claire, with the mindset that I could just drop out once I reached the finish (4km short, btw). I ended up doing a couple kms in this weird sort of ground shuffle, doing all I could to keep my feet moving forward just hoping I would get back to my car and go home.

Bright, windy and soooooo cold!

I thought about my lasted mantra : “Just keep putting one foot in front of the other because time passed automatically” meaning if I keep moving, I will finish. No matter what. so I did.


I got back to Eau Claire, and I just kept running. I ran right past the finish and did my 2k out (I knew if I got to the 2k out, I would complete the run because I HAD TOO! I was 2k away with 2 k to go! LOL)

So, for next week I have a run date (cool, I just hope he doesn’t mind slowing down a bit). I am a bit sore, but am very happy with the way I am recovering already. I commented on Facebook that I was disappointed because it was almost like my body was telling me to do this again next weekend…

So, 29k in 3:25 here is a shot of the route. Click the photo to go to my Garmin stats for this run.


That’s it. I did it. Hated myself for a couple ks on the run, feel much better now… although I am very tired of our winter…



  1. The route you took is one of my favourite long run routes. On this route I leave my water at home and make a pit stop at the Shouldice pool for their water fountain and bathroom. The pool opens early at 7:30am Saturdays and Sundays.

    Nice work on the run!

  2. Well done. I will not think of our Iowa winters as being bad - now that I see what conditions you are faced with. Nicely done.

  3. It's so beautiful, but soooo cold. I'm so impressed with all you cold weather runners. I need to stop feeling bad about the little bit of rain we get here in Oregon.

  4. I really am cold now after looking at those pics. You surely got stronger for the longer effort in the colder temps!

  5. That's me, providing real time perspective for fair weather runners!! LOL

  6. Honestly I am so impressed that here we are in March and you have continued to run all winter long. That in itself is a huge triumph. Glad you were able to meet a friend. The fact that your water froze is evidence at how hard core you are.

  7. Wow, your pictures make me so glad we're finally hitting spring (don't hate me, because in a few months I'll be running in 98 degree heat and 95% humidity). Great job on your run! It's always nice to meet new running friends, too. Way to go!

  8. Good work on sticking with it! Good to see you too. Nice pics!

  9. That looks so cold!! Great job on your run despite the freezing temps!! I would've chickened out and not ran at all lol... i'm a wimp ;)
    I'm so ready for warmer weather!

  10. When you say it's cold, then it must be damn cold. I think 40 deg F is cold. I usually put my water bottles in the freezer before the run.

  11. @ Chris: i know at least 1 person who puts hot tap water in his water bottles to delay the freezing. I leave mine at room temperature before my runs lately.

  12. Beautiful pictures and a great run overall by the looks of things.

    Question for you, did you screenshot out the map that you posted to link to your garmin stats, or is there an easier way to do that?

    I had my water hose freeze on a run in early January in FAR warmer weather than you are facing.

  13. @Sean, I snipped the image from google earth, then hyperlinked the jpg image (the map) back to the my public garmin connect data for the run. Windows has a built in snipping tool that can grab whatever is on the screen and then just paste it straight into live writer...