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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Superfun 20k run on Sunday

The 1/2 group is doing their longest training run on Sunday. It will be a record distance for some and I'm sure it will feel like it for them. that's ok, it’s 20k afterall. I had a conversation with one of our runners a while back about pride. Is it ok to be proud of what we are accomplishing? How do we stay humble as we become new people through running?

I asked this question last year at this same point and I was told, ‘Don’t be humble. Celebrate your successes!’

Ok then. Since then I have formulated a whole new way of being and it has been a great year. I run long distances for fun, I help others run long distances for fun. And to top it off I am actually training my DW and Mom to love running as much as I do. I guess that was my turning point way back when, when I realized that I loved running, that I could show other people that running could be loved. sounds mushy huh? It is kind of. I’m not helping people run, I am helping people to love the run. In turn, it helps me love it more! what a concept.

There’s a lot of love in this room, man…

Anyway, we are doing 20k tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be iffy, not as bad as last Sunday, but we will have success and fun! guaranteed!

I have no advice on how to prepare, or what to eat or how much sleep to get, you all have the tools to do this run well...

I heard an incredible quote today on the Jungle Jim Hunter show on the Fan 960 Calgary radio as I was taking my cat for her steroid shot…

“Confidence is not something you arrive at, it’s something you constantly work at”

That was said by either Jungle Jim Hunter, or he was quoting Cary Mullen or Susan Auch… I didn’t catch the start of the conversation. I thought is was important because we are out here running, and wondering how we are doing during all this training. We are not complete because we will finish the race on Feb 14th, we are complete because we finished all the training to get there, and we celebrated our successes along the way, AND have realized that what we are doing is possible, AND and have become more and more confident along the way. We have constantly worked at our runs, week in and week out, and we are now confident in our abilities to run 20k!

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