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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year…

… to everyone! The 1/2 group is doing their second 16k run in the last 7 days on Sunday morning, next week we drop back to 12k as an adjustment week, then its 18,18, and 20… wow! Our group has felt the effects of the increases, so having these weeks to adjust to the distances makes great sense. The Store programs aren’t for everyone, but they are effective for most when followed closely. The 12 will feel like a breeze, but it will be a chance to take stock of your form, fuel, and most importantly your mind. It’s a good time to think about why you are really running and put those thoughts into your head as once we finish hills in 2 weeks and ramp up our speedwork, there may be times you need to reflect back on those reasons to keep you going for the final hundred meters of your speed intervals.

This is fun stuff, if you bring a smile with you on each run, it can’t help but be a success…

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