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Monday, September 10, 2012

Splitting time…

yeesh! I’ve added another thing to my online things…

I was invited to take part in iRun magazine’s Blog Idol 2.0 contest. The prize is some stuff and a writing gig with the magazine.

It started tonight and I have posted my first blog. This will be a little introspective to begin with as I tell my story, kind of from the beginning. So if you are relatively new to me, follow along and soon you’ll know all about stuff you probably didn’t want to know me.

Here it is!

If you have any questions from the iRun blog posts, let me know on there, as it probably looks better if I get tons of q’s and comments…


If i had to pick a photo that represents my online existence right now, it might look like this one I shot last night.

soooo much fun though.

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