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Friday, September 7, 2012

My Youtubery. (Jasper–Pick me!)

So, you want to know if I am Youtube literate?



Why, yes I am YouTubal! 1, 436, 169 views on the ol’ mans channel.

Mainly because of these 2 vids.

Yep. 2 videos, 2 years, same subject… Virality at it’s finest. Can’t wait for this year. I am thinking a behind the scenes expose. You know why I am thinking that? Because I gots connections… Oh social media, you are the best!


I’m not in it for the money, obviously, but it seems like the fame is coming..! sort of.

I like my work on YouTube, if only for the reason that someone else might enjoy it. Take my stalking of Martin Parnell. He is the guy who in 2010, ran 250 marathons. I stalked him almost the entire year. Enough that I was asked by the mothership charity to submit my videos and photos so they could do a tribute for him.

All the motion vid in this montage is mine… haha! Stalker! RUN away! oh wait. he tried… LOL

I did an interview with Martin on the run as well. With 10kms left in his epic quest, I caught up to him.

Fun hey? oh, btw, it was –25c during that interview. I am immune to the elements.

So what else? Um, I interviewed my own son during a trail run last year… The interview starts at the 1:00 mark. It’s a good one. This kid is pretty cool even of I say so myself.

I have nabbed some drunken bloopers!

Like I said, immune to the elements.

And Internet. Did you know I was a barefoot runner?! I am, and I’m not the only one…

That’s probably good for now… except I do have one special one that i kindof like. I was Mr Plow in a past life… check it out!

So. As you can see, I am fully Youtuberal! Pick me Jasper!

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