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Saturday, April 16, 2011

This is my blog

And I'll NOT blog when I don’t want to.

Actually, I have been missing it. I blame facebook. It sometimes seems to easy to update there and forget about the blog. I even wrote about that a while back.

I’m sorry.

Ok. To the most important item. The Virtual Marathon. It starts tomorrow for those of you whom are using the 2 weeks to get the mileage in.

If you run (or walk) daily, you can go 3km per day, but would need to add 200m to one of your days to get to 42.2
If you run (or walk) daily, you can go 1.85mi per day, but would need to add .3 of a mile to one of your days to get to 26.2

See what I did there? Everyone can play this way! Want to see everyone? Ok, any one that is has a link, go see them, follow them! they will follow you too! (if you are nice like them)

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Also, since the actual event isn’t until May 1st. I have till then to get your custom bibs emailed to you.

I am looking forward to my Half Marathon tomorrow even though it may be icy cold and snowy. April in Calgary usually gets about 6” of snowfall. So far this April we have had 23 inches with more on the way. the other stat that is reason enough for a sane man to go crazy is, normally the consecutive days that we have snow cover here in Calgary is about 50 days. (We get strong chinooks that periodically melt our snow. You Denverites would know about this) This year it’s been 180 days of total snow cover.


Oh, well. Could be worse. We are not having the storms and flooding and nuclear holocausts like other parts of the world. I will say tho that this long winter really affects the mood around here. Outside seems so far away.  Especially with a 3 year old trapped in the house.

I was having a really good week until I had to go plowing on Wed night Thurs morning. I was having a lot of fun reconnecting to old clients and having lots of laughs with my co-workers. Then I got the call at 1:30 Thursday morning. I never went to bed as I was wired up with the storm apporaching and I just can’t sleep. I had also gotten up at 4am Wed morning and didn’t go back to bed. the next time I went to sleep was 1am Friday. 4am Wed to 1am Friday is approx 45 hours of awake. In the middle of it all I had Andrews first ever concert to go to at his preschool. I was totally blown away by these 3-4 year olds. The teachers deserve a medal. This is the 15 minute concert in it’s entirety, I don’t expect you to watch it. I just put it here for posterity.

Oh, this is what my plow night looked like.



Some of the boy, doing what he does.


The little dude is so much fun! Can’t wait until camping season. It really is all about him. I truly became who I am when he was born. I always say Traci saved me when she married me, and when Andrew came along, I knew why.

And as a bonus, here is a race report from last September, from before I had realized I have indestructible Ninja Feet. I was worried about the destruction of my feet at that race, but it turns out I was imagining the whole thing and I was fine…

AND! I have been debating buying this:


I will probably get one of these soon. I hope. Maybe as an Easter present. Do you get or give Easter presents? besides chocolate?


  1. Good luck at your half-marathon tomorrow!

    I don't really "give" Easter presents, per se. Usually candy to a few people. My parents refill my Easter basket each year with gobs and gobs of candy. I will bring some of that candy to work to pawn it off on my co-workers. :)

  2. Oops, sign me up for the virtual! I keep forgetting since I actually paid for the race, but I should do yours too. And, no, I couldn't really afford it, but I sucked it up and forked over the cash. I'll link it to my blog when I can... My bib needs to be under $500, since I'll be distraught if I don't finish sub-5. Yes, all you speedies, that is a goal! :p

  3. I might not be using my eyes to their full extent and missed the memo, but do we need to post how many miles we run each day on our blogs so you can stalk us or do we send you the updates? It's my first virtual marathon and I want to make sure I have this correct :D

  4. Did you forget me on the list on purpose because I forgot you for the FYTO5k? If so, well played!! If not, add me to the list!

    Good luck today, have fun!!!

  5. Oh boo, no virtual for me..Your son is precious. I really do feel bad for you. I complain about the stupid wind out here but geez SNOW!!!!!???

  6. I think I got left off of the list. I signed up so long ago so it's possible. I'm doing the Flying Pig on May 1st so I'll get all mine done in one day. Good luck to everyone else!

  7. your kid is so cute...almost as cute as my 2 boys!! ha ha!! preschool program: of course I watched the whole thing...come on!

    hope the half went went..should be over by now
    off for my first 11 miles for the virtual marathon!!!

    sorry about all the white crap, I know how it is.
    My mom called yesterday and they had snow as well.
    I'd still move back in a heartbeat if I could. and that is the honest truth and you know where I live now.

  8. oh Easter: yes presents! for the kids I get one small chocolat something with books, coloring stuff, not too much candy, we still have all the Halloween left!

  9. yay!! I am using all 2 weeks to get my mileage in probably... i need to print out my awesome race bib you made for me! :) I'm gonna wear it on every run from here til may 1st! :)

    Good luck in your half marathon!! :) Hopefully the snow is almost done being dumped on you! :)

  10. That was 14:51 of pure 1st grade awesomeness. Dude, Blogging is way better than facebook. How did it go today? My rr is up.

  11. Good luck Neil! Loved the video from last September! I just ran my first 5K in the Vibrams! It was pretty darn cold out but I did really well! Lots of thanks your way!

    I'm ready for the virtual half!

  12. Virtual Marathon here I come. Thanks for sitting this all up Neil.

  13. Good post dude. The flash back to September was awesome! Hopefully I can get my leg to work and get back running. Until then, I'll run vicariously through you.
    Run Buddy Kelly