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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great race debate…

Mara 1… well, actually the great training debate…

I am going to start training for the Calgary Half Marathon. The Race is on May 30th and my time goal for this race is 1:55:31. This would be a 3 minute improvement on last year and would make me very happy. Under 2hr would be acceptable too.

Now my question is. How do I train for the race? I have only ever ran 3 days a week. Sunday and Wednesdays, and what ever other day worked or was clinic day. Now I am looking at different plan for my race training, just to mix it up until the next store clinic that is available. Do I all of a sudden ramp into 5 days a week? or 6? don’t answer, I know. Gradual increases… avoid injury. the program is 12 weeks, so I would start the program on Monday March 8th. 2 Mondays from now. That seems do-able.

HH training half program

You know what. No more debate… this is my plan! I think I'll actually buy the plan too! Any thoughts on how good the daily tips and running coaching are? I may push the Tuesday hills and speed to Wednesday, and take out the Wed run as I do the gym on M-W-F. Saturday race pace will be fun, never really ever run on Saturday before…

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  1. Sometimes having a schedule to stick to is more important the what's on the schedule. As long as you're not hurting, you should be good to go