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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Woot! At the start of the clinic I was missing the long runs… but now I am REALLY looking forward to a nice 6k jaunt tomorrow. I know I have done the training, I know I have what it takes to make the distance next week, and for the first time I am really REALLY looking forward to running 21.1k. Tapering is nice, but I understand that I will get a bit twitchy after tomorrow as my body will be feeling so fresh it’ll be screaming for more mileage. Tuesday we will do a 10k attempt at race pace. I’m not sure how that will go, it’s dark, it’s cold and it’s after work. My focus is usually on the Sunday long run, but I'll have to do some extra prep for Tuesday to get the most out of it.

We get a (hopefully) nice gym bag for our swag in this race. I like shirts, but it always is cool to get a nice ‘something else’ at a race. The resolution run jacket is obviously the best swag yet, and as far a shirts go, it’s a tie between the Okotoks 10k race  and the Diakonos 10k race for best shirts, although the Okotoks race shirt is better looking IMO. Diakonos bag also had a bottle of water and some food bits in it, so overall it wins for bag contents.

Having coffee with the pace group to discuss our race plan after the run, and to BS about general stuff…obviously…

As a side note, I have started helping a close friend to begin running. She ran today for the first time (I wanted her to go out, before coming to run club just so she knew what she was getting into, and with a few helpful pointers from your truly, she had a great start. She posted this on FB.

Well, I think more people would start running if they knew that you can start out really really slow. If I had gone any slower I would have started going backwards!
And, I feel so much better just from that run. Mentally and physically better just today. I don't think it's just because I'm diggin it because it's new....

Go slow. Sounds like a smart way to begin a love affair with running, don’t you think?

-8c in the morning with a light wind. Seems like the perfect day for a 6k easy run!


  1. Definitely start running at your own pace, and not compare yourself to others. That's awesome you are inspiring friends to run! Way to be!

    Oh, and um, I hope you still have all your toes/fingers from that 6K...because you haven't posted since.

  2. Yeah, thanks! It was a close one - I almost lost all my toenails on our Sunday long run of 6k. wooooo.... ;)