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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Guys! My first art show!

November 9th from 7pm till midnight.

I have the utmost and humbling pleasure of sharing the stage that evening with the ballooning famousness of Mandy Stobo. In my head I hope this parlays into more sales for me, but being it is my very first show I have high no expectations. The publicity can’t be bad. Well, unless of course it’s bad publicity. Then it would be bad.

I started to drag and drop my favourite photos from my large catalogue into a separate folder. So far there are 996 images in there. And I have only gone back to May of this year. I need to pare this down to about 25 key images to print and mat (or frame) in various sizes, along with some loose prints for sale.

I also need to choose an image tonight to have blown up to a 40”x60” Canvas Gallery Print. I am pretty sure it will be this one.


But I’m torn. Maybe this one.


Or what about something like this?

PB Compo for printing - 4x6 smaller

Or this…


I dunno…

Could be this too?


hmmm… maybe this…


Anyway, if you are around on Friday night, feel free to drop by Village Brewery for some Live Music, Local Art and Great Beers! I will be the one sweating bullets, doubled over in abdominal pain from the anxiety attack that I can feel building up inside me…  Here is the event on Facebook.


  1. this is great Neil!
    I think you are so talented!
    so happy for you!

  2. Congratulations - wish I was going to be in Calgary!

    Your red bridge pictures are spectacular - the top one takes my breath away. Talented! YOU are.

    Break a leg!

  3. I love ALL of these pics!!! Congratulations!! So excited for you!!!!