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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Griswald-esque road trip

Now, if I can only get you all stuck with the song ‘Holiday Road’ in your head, we will all be on the same wavelength.

We are off tomorrow on our big roadtrip! Woot! I’ve never had an ALL hotel Canadian vacation before. It’s always involved camping in the past. Should be cool. Wi-Fi and hot showers every night. Woot Woot! This blog will be the dumping grounds for all our misadventures and photographs for the next 11ish days.

Oh, speaking of photographs, I started my Photography page on Facebook. This fall we will have canvases and prints for sale, so if there is anything you have seen of mine that you’d like for your home or office, just let me know. Here are a couple recent favorite photos I took on one of our photowalks. These 4 shots were all taken within a 15 minute span one evening.



pouring rain over downtown with the sun shining through and reflecting up into the rain.