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Monday, June 25, 2012

K-100 Thank You Mayfield Toyota!

K-100 Results are here. I will have a post or two up about this years race, but wanted to say two things first.

First. Thank you SO much to Mayfield Toyota for the guaranteed entry and the use of the shuttle car for our team. Much Appreciated! Cool car btw...Also, thanks to Joyce Jackie and her dude Terry for being the dedicated support for the event. Our day was far from perfect, but was made awesome by this car and these two amazing people.

Second. I finished ahead of 22 runners on the very hard 9th leg. I am so amped by this you can't even imagine!! Last year I finished only ahead of 4 runners on my leg. soooooooo happppy.

Not me, just a cool shot I took.  (one of 800 on the day)


  1. great to see you get this support

  2. Thanks Neil for all your support during my leg, the use of your hoodie (although my lips still turned blue...)and congratulations on your great run!