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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Don’t worry. I am NOT a threat to you. Whoever you are…

This surprised me. I saw this in my blog stats today…


I can save you the time. I would place in my age group, 2 out of 3 races, at my family reunion.


  1. There's racing going on from first to last.

  2. Whoa, EASY Narcissus. I think that was me, curious to see if you had run the marathon distance yet, not to see how you place in races. IMhumbleO this year's schedule looks more sensible than last year's, with the exception of the 50k race you had planned. The Moose Mountain topography will make for a tough hike. Good luck! Are you planning an October marathon?

    1. Bahaha! Always making friends aren't ya. Narcissus? This is my blog right? It's kind of my diary. So, yeah! Narcissistic? You bet!

      Anyhow, as always I appreciate your interest. It does make me think.

      Btw, the 50 was going to be a 25 all along.