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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things are feeling pretty ok around here…

It’s been above average in the world here. We have done a few things lately that we wouldn’t have in the recent past. Like park the car downtown on a Saturday and just walk around to see what we can see and do. This weekend we are off to Cypress Hills, Sk. It’s one of our favourite places in the world. We have a cabin booked and will spend the better part of the next 4 days just hiking and geocaching and relaxing. It’s the first time in a lot of years where I get to go with no extra burdens on my shoulders. Nice stuff indeed.


We still kinda keep a look out over our shoulder for negative stuff as it’s still all too fresh, but we have been letting ourselves enjoy free time and family time more and more. Andrew and I tend to hang out on a regular basis now. I hear this a lot: ‘Daddy, let’s have a sausage party tonight’. hehe, yeah. that’s my guy. On tonight's Sausage party I went to get him out of the back of the van and as I open the door I'm hit with a wall of stink. ‘Wow little dude, it stinks in here’ I say. He replies. ‘Yeah, it’s my toots Daddy, I’ve been tooting!’ and laughs like a goon.

I’m so proud!

I have been back to the gym for 3 weeks now, and along with my hour of semi personal training 3 days a week, i have been spending 20-30 minutes extra on the ol’ ‘mill, getting my running legs back under me. The puzzle pieces are coming back together. I was going to go to Pete’s TKO workouts, but honestly, I was afraid I would hurt myself. His stuff is very intense and a lot of it is partnering during the workout stations and I felt like I'd be letting a bunch of other people down. I am going to stick with my current plan at my current gym for the next 2 months. by then I'll be ready to take on Pete’s hour of power! He’s got a pretty good little core strengthening book for free on his website, with a really awesome nugget of info on nutrition. It’s basically what he eats. Simple. Nothing diet about it, just eat this stuff, and this much of this stuff and you’ll be good.

His new cool website is here…

That’s it. Off on an awesome roadtrip in the am!

If you want to tag along on the trip, feel free to follow on Instagram. I tend to post lots of ‘live’ pics there when we go away. I am @nzeller_evs on Instagram.

Here are some  more pics of our adventures lately.



This is the hill that we tried to climb down. It ended up way too icy and dangerous, so i did what every 38 year old overweight guy would do..

…I sat down on my ass on the ice, grabbed Andrew onto my lay and SLID all the way down to the bottom! Surprised the heck out of Andrew. He laughed all the way down the hill and for a half hour after. I may have been seen as a superhero at that moment… Was pretty awesome!





  1. So glad life is looking up for you! :) I always love your pictures.

  2. Glad to hear that things are well and the burdens are mostly gone! Have an excellent weekend! :)

  3. Loving the pictures. Always make me homesick for Calgary.

    My Mother's large and extended family is from near the Cypress Hills - family farms near Eastend and 'the bench'. I haven't been for many many years. Enjoy and take lots of pictures, please!