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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dec 1. I went running.

It was just a mile, but it was an amazingly hard mile! I am participating in Strides Running Stores' Run Streak on facebook. I think it’s the perfect piece I needed in my life right now. at. this. moment. There is absolutely no chance I would have gone running if I hadn’t joined the challenge. *WooT*

Thanks VERY much for the awesome comments on yesterdays blog.

Alanna: Yes, one day you can make up that sign for me that says ‘GO LADYSLIPPERS!!’

Jamoosh: uh. depends if it’s race day or not.

adena: he cracks everyone up. Thank you!

Jeff, Elle, Caroline and Janice: Thank you so much! Caroline did YOUR wish for strawberries come true?

That is what I missed the most. You bloggers know what it is to have such good virtual friends…

Going back a smidge. I am in the most recent copy of Impact magazine, wear testing a couple pairs of shoes for their trail shoe review issue. I got a pair of VivoBarefoot Neo Trails which I LOVE. I will have a pair of regular Neo’s as soon as I can afford them, as I need a casual everyday shoe. The Trails have a very aggressive lug that isn’t conducive to grocery shopping (I also want to preserve the lugs at all costs, this shoe is truly amazing!). I ran in them tonight in the sloppy messy snow and was thoroughly impressed! Just RUN is what they beg, leave the grip to me, you just keep running they say to me!


I also reviewed a pair of Brooks Cascadia. I didn’t mind them for a full on shoe. They aren’t wide enough for me, and that was a bit of a show stopper. My pair is a very bright green, not black and pink.


It is very humbling to be included in this testing program with these other testers… check it..


Thanks very much to Impact Magazine for inviting me to participate! I appreciate your support and love your magazine!

Lastly. We bought the Lego Advent Calendar this year again. Last year was our first year enjoying the daily Lego surprises. If you’ll recall, there was some real weirdness on about day 19, where naked Santa showed up in the shower.


This Advent year just started today, and I thought, since I was going to daily blog the Run Streak, I’d also update you with the Lego Advent surprises. And not to disappoint or prove boring, they start the Festive season with a…wait for it… A hipster catburgler. Complete with a sinister smile, missing tooth and what I can only imagine is a rock for bashing windows in. (or a go mug). Can’t wait for day 2.

Advent day 1

Seeyou tomorrow. I have to go to Edmonton early, but will be enjoying an evening run again!


  1. We have both the Lego City Advent calendar and the Lego Star Wars advent calendar and it always amuses me what weird things they come up with...

  2. See somedays I wish I had kids if only to play with Legos again.

    You're famous!!! I'm happy you are lovin' the shoes.

  3. Love the Lego advent calendar. So awesome. And Neil you are going to love the Neos for a casual shoe. They have replaced my casual shoes completely. They feel good and they also look good. What more can you ask for?

  4. Lego's rock! I love it that our twins are way into Legos... that way I get to play too. Good luck on the challenge, sounds like a great one! The more I hear about the Neo Trails, the more I want a pair! hmm... now to decide what color :-)

  5. We are big fan of LEGOS here. I love to build the sets witht and for my boys. We dont have the advent calendar...should look for one

    I am a big fan of you running 1 mile today.

    Yep I had strawberries last night. We are lucky to still have some here and still at an ok price also!!!

  6. Love Legos... makes me almost wish I had kids. Maybe I could just get some for me!

    Thanks for the new follow. Welcome!