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Monday, September 12, 2011

I don’t even know where to start…

Too many crazy good pictures…

To all my running friends. I’ll be running again soon. My Sweet wife and my incredible boy have been my priority for the past few months, along with getting my career back on track after the failure of our landscape company. So we have been spending time in places like this. Enjoy the photos, take any you want for personal use, let me know you did.


The generator room at the top is the size of a house! Look at the full size man door at the base… These turbines are HUGE!



  1. Beautiful pictures. I've been camping vicariously with you through Facebook.

  2. Love the pics.. Time with your family should always be a priority..

    Do you have any good shots of water + dock? I need an image for my new blog and I can't find anything good on the net and I suck at taking pictures.

  3. Gorgeous pictures, I bet you had a blast!! Family comes'll be back running when the time is right!


    and I super love your focus on family