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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My goal is to race all the CRR XC winter races

Is is too soon to talk about winter? The Harvest Half Marathon is on Oct 1st. That is less than 6 weeks away. 2 years ago during the Harvest Half it snowed.

Well. This is what we have to look forward too… soon… gaaa! It was 85f the other day. That same night it dropped down to 34f. And then back up to 85f. Crazy.

photo by Dawn (PinkChick)

I AM actually looking forward too it!

Also, I took this video tonight. The boy loves to dance when SYTYCD is on. He is getting pretty good at mimicking the dancers, especially at the end of this video…

So anyway. I hope to be back regularly blogging this fall sometime. We are good, just really busy. Once the house sells, we will be less busy. So there’s that.

In the meantime, I am active over in:

Facebook: Barefoot Neil Z
Facebook: Harvest Half Marathon (I am the admin)
Twitter: Barefoot Neil Z
Instagram: nzeller

Well that’s all for now, Hi to all my bloggy buddies! Just so you know, I take a look at all your blogs from time to time, I miss you all and will be back soon! Take care! Here is a couple pics from our camping trip last weekend!



  1. Andrew is just such a great kid :)
    I'll be stealing that mountain photo, time to change my computer background pic :)
    Don't talk about snow yet...I'm so not ready!

  2. Neil, I am not mentally ready for any talk of SNOW!!

  3. I hope the Harvest Half is like last year's then!

  4. People here talk about the end of summer but winter??? OK, you living where you do are excused but I am still not ready for snow thoughts.
    Andrew is precious.

  5. Awesome photos :-)

    NOOOOOOOOO...... talking about winter isn't allowed!!!!!!!

  6. Wasn't it just winter in Calgary a few weeks ago?

    Your pics are lovely, as always.