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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I owe a few people apologies. I must pull together their prizes and send them (from a contest a long time ago). You know who you are, I’m very sorry, I've been a bad blogger lately.

I also have to award a pile of prizes from the Virtual Marathon.

I’ll do that this weekend. But you know what else? Everyone who wins a prize will ALSO get a Cool kids Run Club shirt, yep… There will probably be 10-15 shirts heading out! AND I’ll award an extra shirt to everyone who leaves a comment here.


And why am I so jealous of not winning a contest I wasn’t even allowed to enter?


  1. Hmm, I wonder if I should shave again. And I suppose I should update my picture now that I'm wearing teeny tiny shorts.

  2. Can I ask...what is he doing with the dog? New man purse? I really need another cup of coffee... Good morning! Happy Friday! Running another 1/2 tomorrow - Slacker Half! Yeah!

  3. I'm an alternate for the HTC! Sooo close to the real thing!

  4. Ah real life sometimes has a way of taking over doesn't it!?!
    I love your Cool Kids Run Club t-shirts :)

  5. Seriously, you going to send me a tshirt. That is too sweet. You do rock.

  6. @DaysRun:
    I get confused sometimes. I was going to throw the ball for the dog, but instead threw the dog at a ball.

  7. Don't worry that you can't win your prizes... I still owe you something! I've not forgotten; I'm just broke. And Colin said you can have his blue BMO mittens (they've never been worn).

    I notice you haven't mentioned that Canada Post employees are currently locked out and we don't have mail service. Mind you, it might be cheaper to courier anyways. :)

  8. I've been wanting a cool kids shirt since the first time I saw one...

    And btw, I still haven't run your virtual marathon (for various reasons). It's on the calendar for July 4 weekend now.

  9. I was wondering when you'd be awarding the prizes for the virtual marathon. I love the CKRC shirts, btw! Sweet design!

  10. Neil...we get that you have a life and a family and that blogging well that is not #1...I get that.
    the shirt is super cool!
    hope all is well...!

  11. Love the t shirt. Why weren't you allowed to enter the contest? Is that dog the easiest going dog ever?

  12. I wondered why they didn't do one boy team and one girl team. I'm guessing its because everyone knows girls are better than boys ;)