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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I did something you didn’t do today!

I whacked my trees. To save them from this terrible snowstorm. Why the F*&% is it snowing? seriously.

whacking tree

We have a race start time of 7am on Sunday for the Calgary Marathon, and it’s affiliated distances, and the temp is supposed to be a balmy Oc. that is 32f if you are merkan. I bet if I had to run in 45f/10c I'd get heatstroke for sure.


  1. We saw 90 degrees here.Or 32. which one do you guys do again?

  2. Yes, correct, Josh. It's warmer there. good one.

  3. I ran in Fish Creek today. In the snow. And the slush on the path. Saw one other runner.

    No dog walkers. weenies.

  4. @ Keith... braver than me! Thankfully I am in full taper for Sundays race. You coming? I have a half bib from one of our runners for sale. Even the dogs were smarter than you today! haha!

  5. Does it help that it is supposed to be 99F (37.5C) here today? No? Hmmmmmm

    Honestly, snow is one of the things I miss about living NOT in Phoenix.

  6. Neil, re: Sunday's race. I doubt it, though I will keep it in mind. My coach has a run bike run bike lined up for me. Now I have to do it on my hybrid. I just got off the phone with the bike shop, and it's going to be a week or so. New chain, chain rings, cassette. + other stuff. But better now than in a panic before a race, or worst of all, having a failure during the race.